Sunday, August 29, 2010

Changes to Sheetz Card

Recently, I received an email that the structure to the MySheetzCard Program would change on September 1st. Today, while at Sheetz, I asked one of the Sheetz employees to explain the program. He informed me that as of 9/1/2010, there will no longer be points and rewards will become instant. For those who still have points on their card, they will be rounded up to the nearest discount (.10, .20, or .30) for you to use by the end of the year.

Once those points are used, all MySheetzCard owners will begin receiving .03 off at the pump each time they fill their tank. Additionally, Sheetz will run food and drink (Coffee, sodas, snacks, etc.) promotions open to everyone who holds a MySheetzCard!

1 comment:

  1. I'm burnt out on doing math right now. Do you estimate that this will save more money in the long run vs. the old program? Let's say if you spend $30 in gas a week...