Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gas Saving Tips

In addition to the fuel savings provided by, WFMY News 2 ( has provided a list of Ten Fuel Saving Tips. Although many of these may seem like common sense, I know that I often forget to put these into practice! If you have a fuel or money saving tip you can email them to

Happy Saving!

Ten Fuel Saving Tips
1 Avoid High Speeds
As your speed increases, your aerodynamic drag increases in an exponential fashion. Driving 62 mph (100 km/h) vs 75 mph (120 km/h) will reduce fuel consumption by about 15%.
2 Do Not Accelerate or Brake Hard
By anticipating the traffic and applying slow steady acceleration and braking, fuel economy may increase by as much as 20%.
3 Keep Tires Properly Inflated
Keep tire air pressure at the level recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. A single tire under inflated by 2 PSI, increases fuel consumption by 1%.
4 Use A/C Sparingly
When the air conditioner is on it puts extra load on the engine forcing more fuel to be used (by about 20%). The defrost position on most vehicles also uses the air conditioner.
5 Keep Windows Closed
Windows open, especially at highway speeds, increase drag and result in decreased fuel economy of up to 10%.
6 Service Vehicle Regularly
Proper maintenance avoids poor fuel economy related to dirty air filters, old spark plugs or low fluid levels.
7 Use Cruise Control
Maintaining a constant speed over long distances often saves gas.
8 Avoid Heavy Loads
Remove the sand bags from your trunk in the spring and pack lightly for long trips.
9 Avoid Long Idles
If you anticipate being stopped for more than 1 minute, shut off the car. Restarting the car uses less fuel than letting it idle for this time.
10 Purchase a Fuel Efficient Vehicle
Purchase a Fuel Efficient Vehicle

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Want to fight the rising gas prices? Well, is one option. I first remember using this site in early 2008 as gas prices hit nearly 4.00. allows you to enter your zip code, then provides a list of the lowest gas prices in the area. It will also list the highest prices so you can try to avoid these gas stations.

If you are planning a trip, there is also a "heat map" that provides the areas where gas prices are the highest/lowest so you can determine which area you would like to stop for gas.

There are other money saving tips out there for gas, and if you would like to submit one, please email me at! Happy Saving!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Free Item at Sheetz!!

I recently received an email from Sheetz indicating that they are giving away a free 16oz bottle of Hint flavored water. Although I do not know anyone who has bought this product before, the word FREE sounds good to me. All you have to do is present your MySheetzCard and the coupon is pre-loaded! The coupon expires on 3/7/11. If you still have not signed up for your sheetz card, you may do so by visiting MYSHEETZCARD Happy Saving!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Free MP3s at!!

A great suggestion was recommended by Bruce that everyone should check out. will allow you to download 100 free songs/albums from their website. The list of songs can be found here.

Although they may not all be the most popular songs, many of these songs are great! I was able to discover a great REM song I had not heard of previously. When Bruce suggested the site, he mentioned a great Sister Hazel compilation of 20 songs! If you are a big music fan, checking this out is a must!

A special thanks to Bruce for recommending this money saving idea! He also runs a blog that you should check out -->

If you have an idea you can email it to me at, and as always... HAPPY SAVING!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Harris Teeter Super Doubles 2/16-22: Trip 1

I want to apologize for not posting in a while. We finally had the chance to go to Harris Teeter for their super doubles coupon week. We were able to get $78.89 of food for $19.91 (an overall savings of 75%). They were all out of several items we were wanting to purchase, so we will most likely have a second or third trip. You can submit your success story along with a picture to and i'll post it! Happy Saving!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Free Roast Beef Sandwiches at Arby's

Have you ever noticed on the back of Arby's receipts that if you call/logon and give your feedback within two days of your purchase that you qualify for a free Regular Roast Beef or Beef 'n Chedder? Well... I didn't until this past weekend.

I saved the receipt and visited the URL on the back of the receipt. ( and after spending about five minutes entering information and answering questions, they gave me a validation code that I can use at any Arby's to receive my free sandwich

It is important to note that you have 30 days after the completion of the survey to receive your free sandwich. This means that in order to continue receiving free sandwiches, you must do this at least once a month. I haven't tried it as of yet, but you may need to make an additional purchase I.E. a drink to receive another receipt. I shall find out soon!

Happy Saving!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Live off Samples

Have you ever traveled to a hotel and noticed that the basics like soap, shampoo, conditioner, and even lotion are provided for you? Have you also noticed that you never really use the entire sample?

One practice I have started is saving the samples from hotels and even asking friends and family for their samples when they travel. The result: never having to purchase shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotion. If my math is not horribly mistaken, I believe I have enough toiletries to last me at least an entire year!

Many hotels have even upgraded their samples allowing the user of the samples to enjoy luxurious soaps and other toiletries for free. Collecting these items will allow you to enjoy this luxury year round without the cost!

Is this something you do to save money? If so, please post your success story below in the comments!

Happy Saving!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Super Doubles Success!!!

We finally had the chance to go to Harris Teeter not once, not twice, but three times this weekend. We were able to stock up on many of the items we needed. I do not have a picture of all the items we purchased, but I can tell you this. We purchased $212.70 worth of food for $69.15. Although this is only a 67% savings, it is also a savings of $143.55. The best items purchased were the ziplock containers (which by the way have the same $1.50 off two coupon inside of them) and the buy one package of fresh chicken , get two free. I know many of you have also had great saving experiences this week. You can submit your success story along with a picture to and i'll post them!

Happy Saving!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Free Car Repair Website

Everyone knows that if you don't take care of your vehicle, it will eventually become a money pit to repair it to working condition. While I was watching the Clarke Howard segment on HLN's Morning Express, I was introduced to a website called Driverside.

This site allows you to select your vehicle make, model, type and mileage; then informs you of your next service date and which services should be performed on your vehicle. It also provides an estimated value, warranty reminders, email alerts for tire rotation/replacement and brake service, self problem diagnostic, and local coupons for vehicle servicing. If you vehicle needs a more complex service, the website will even give you a cost estimate!

I strongly encourage you to visit and register your vehicle!

Happy Saving!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Deals 1/5 - 1/11

Beginning 1/5, Harris Teeter will start doubling coupons up to $1.98. The deals below are a combination from two sites (Southern Savers and My Coupon Teacher). I did not select all of their deals, just the deals that I thought were best. The sites above have a more comprehensive list of all Harris Teeter's deals. I insist you visit these sites as they are a great resource to saving money!

Blueberries BOGO 1.99 each
Chicken of the Sea Chunk White Albecore Tuna, 5 oz. (Buy 2, Get 3 Free)
Budweiser Sauce BBQ, 18 oz., or Wing Sauce, 14 oz., at $3.29 ($1.64)
-$1 off Budweiser sauces, SS 12/05-$1/2 Budweiser sauces, SS 12/05(makes it FREE to 64¢)
Harris Teeter Fresh Boneless Chicken Breast (Buy 1 Get 2 Free)
Finish Dish Detergent, 20 ct., at $5.49 ($2.24) -$2.25 off Finish Detergent SS 1/02 (makes it FREE)

Dannon Yogurt Light & Fit or Fruit on the Bottom, 6 oz., 50¢ -$1/6 off Dannon Light & Fit cups, SS 1/02

Yo Crunch Yogurt, 4 ct., $2 -$1 off Breyers YoCrunch Fruit Parfait PRINTABLE (makes it FREE)
Ortega, 16 oz., $1.79
-$1/2 Ortega products PRINTABLE (makes it 79¢ ea)
Angel Soft Bath Tissue Mega, 9-12 rolls, $4.99 -$1/2 Angel Soft bath tissue, 6 pk double roll +, RP 11/14 -.50/1 Angel Soft bath tissue, 6 pk double roll +, RP 11/14 or (register) PRINTABLE (makes it $3.99)

Kashi GoLean Cereals 14.1-15 oz., $3
-$1 off Kashi GoLean Crisp cereal PRINTABLE or PRINTABLE Mrs. Buttersworth Syrup $3.35
Mrs. Buttersworth Printable
$1.35 each after coupon
EVIC - Assorted Lean Cuisine Entrees 1.77 Limit 1 (Others will ring up $2.47)
$1/2 Lean Cuisine Market Creations, exp. 4-3-11 (SS 01/02/11)
$1.12 each if you buy 2
Dickinson̢۪s Preserves BOGO $2.09
$1/2 Dickinson's Organic Fruit Spread printable
$1/2 Dickinson's Product, exp. 4-30-11 (RP 12/12/10)
$1.09 each after coupon
Yo Crunch Yogurt (4 ct.) $2.00
$0.50/1 YoCrunch Fruit Parfait, exp. 1-16-11 (ALL YOU Oct '10)
$1.00 each after coupon
Alexia Sweet Potato Fries (20 oz.) $2.99
$1/1 Alexia Frozen Item printable
$1/1 Alexia Frozen Product, exp. 1-2-11 (ALL YOU Nov '10)
$.99 each after coupon
Smuckers Sugar Free Preserves $2.99
Mueller̢۪s Pasta $1.50
$1/2 Mueller’s Pasta (SS 01/02/11)
$.50 each after coupon
Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaner (32 oz.) $2.50
$1/1 Seventh Generation Product, exp. 1-31-11 (RP 10/31/10)
$1/1 Seventh Generation Product printable
$.50 each after coupon
Colgate Toothpaste (6.4 oz.) BOGO $1.45
$.50/1 Colgate Toothpaste 4oz or Larger (SS 01/02/11)
$.45 after coupon
Regina Red Wine Vinegar $2.35
Rhodes Frozen Dinner Rolls 12 ct. $2.25
$1/1 Rhodes Bread or Rolls, exp. 3-31-11 (RP 12/12/10)
$1/1 Rhodes Rolls Printable
$.25 each
Campbell's Chunky Soups 18.6-18.8 oz BOGO $1.13
Coffee-mate 32oz $2.85 or 16 oz Flavors $2.00
Wholly Guacamole $2.25
Formula 409 Cleaner Regular, Lemon Fresh, or Natural Stone (32 oz.) $2.00
Seventh Generation Dish Liquid (25 oz.) $1.99
$1/1 Seventh Generation Product, exp. 1-31-11 (RP 10/31/10)
$1/1 Seventh Generation Product printable
FREE after coupon

NOTE: All deals came from the following websites below:

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gather your coupons!!! Super Doubles are on their way!!!!

Harris Teeter will have Super Doubles beginning Wednesday, January 5th! I will post the best deals later this week!

Happy Saving!