Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Free Roast Beef Sandwiches at Arby's

Have you ever noticed on the back of Arby's receipts that if you call/logon and give your feedback within two days of your purchase that you qualify for a free Regular Roast Beef or Beef 'n Chedder? Well... I didn't until this past weekend.

I saved the receipt and visited the URL on the back of the receipt. ( and after spending about five minutes entering information and answering questions, they gave me a validation code that I can use at any Arby's to receive my free sandwich

It is important to note that you have 30 days after the completion of the survey to receive your free sandwich. This means that in order to continue receiving free sandwiches, you must do this at least once a month. I haven't tried it as of yet, but you may need to make an additional purchase I.E. a drink to receive another receipt. I shall find out soon!

Happy Saving!

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