Monday, January 17, 2011

Live off Samples

Have you ever traveled to a hotel and noticed that the basics like soap, shampoo, conditioner, and even lotion are provided for you? Have you also noticed that you never really use the entire sample?

One practice I have started is saving the samples from hotels and even asking friends and family for their samples when they travel. The result: never having to purchase shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotion. If my math is not horribly mistaken, I believe I have enough toiletries to last me at least an entire year!

Many hotels have even upgraded their samples allowing the user of the samples to enjoy luxurious soaps and other toiletries for free. Collecting these items will allow you to enjoy this luxury year round without the cost!

Is this something you do to save money? If so, please post your success story below in the comments!

Happy Saving!

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  1. Ha-your blog is amazing. I probably won't be clipping coupons and timing my visits to the grocery store to the extent you are, but I'll probably go register my car on

    One thing I do to get free meals at restaurants all the time is subscribe to restaurants' email distribution lists. Moe's frequently has good deals they send via email. Normally there is a sign-up bonus. Bruegger's gives you a free bagel when you sign up. Some restaurants give buy one get one entrees. ALSO, when my birthday comes around, I have my choice between free Red Robins burger, entree at Moe's, entree at TGI Friday's, entree at Ruby Tuesdays....

    Chickfila introduced their spicy chicken biscuit two weeks ago to its email list. You could reserve one free biscuit per email address. With five email addresses, I ate free breakfast for a week!