Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Couponing" Websites

Aimee and I began "couponing" about two months ago. It all began on a trip to Harris Teeter on "Triples Week" (a week when Harris Teeter will triple manufacturers coupons up to .99). We had several coupons that we wanted to use in order to get some great deals. While in the store, we noticed several families with a binder full of coupons. Inside of these binders, the coupons were neatly placed in trading card pouches and separated by section. After several minutes of hesitation, I asked one of the ladies with the binder full of coupons about her methods. After 20 minutes of enlightening information and resources, we were hooked. Below are the websites we use to save money!

My Coupon Teacher

Southern Savers

Frugal Frenzy


  1. great way to save. but is it alot of money off considering that lowes and harris teeter are the highest markups?

  2. Aimee and I travel to Wal*Mart at least once a month, and have a general idea of their prices. On most occasions, we find that the deals we find on the websites for Harris Teeter are better than the normal price (and coupon discount) at Wal*Mart. With that said, there are a few instances where we have found a lower price at Wal*Mart. It is important to keep an eye out for Wal*Mart's prices in comparison to the HT sale/coupon prices