Thursday, July 8, 2010


Recently (a week ago or so), my fiancé and I moved to a new apartment in Winston. For the last several months, we have been preparing for this move by acquiring furniture through several means including Craigslist. Below is some of the deals we were able to obtain.

Foyer Table: $20.00 (Craigslist)
Paint: Free (Aimee's Mom donated to our cause *used on other items)
New Knob: $3.00 or $4.00 (Home Depot)

Chairs: $50.00 (Craigslist)
Table: Free (Aimee's Dad found, added leg, and refinished for us)
Fabric: $5.99 (Garden Ridge)

Bedside Tables: 2 @ $30.00 for both (Craigslist)
Paint: (used left over black paint from foyer table)

Dresser: Free (Neighbors left by the dumpster)
Paint: Free (Left over from foyer table/bedside tables)
Pulls: 9 x .97 each (Lowes)

Couch/Sleeper: $80.00 (Craigslist)
End Tables & Coffee Table: $25.00 for all three (Craigslist)
Paint: $8.00 (WalMart)
Chairs: Free (Aimee's Dad found and fixed)

Not Pictured

Bedframe: $10.00 (Craigslist)

Total Cost of Items: $241.72

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  1. Love the furniture you have, you guys got some GREAT deals!