Friday, July 9, 2010

Sheetz Deal

So, I am not sure if you have a Sheetz Rewards Card, but I would definitely recommend obtaining one, especially if you ever purchase food or gas from a Sheetz. Points can be earned on gas, food purchases, and coffee purchases. Once you reach a certain level of points, you will receive a discount on gas. This is Sheetz current point earning table.

You BuyYou SpendYour Rewards
Made-To-Order food, coffee, bakery or fountain drinks$1.0035 pts
Bottled beverages, snacks, candy, ice cream and most grocery items$1.0010 pts
Gift Cards from popular retailers and restaurants$1.0010 pts
Gas$1.005 pts

Now you might be wondering how good are the rewards one can earn. Well, if you purchase gas, you can earn up to 30 cents off per gallon! This makes the cost of a 2.49 (9/10) per gallon down to 2.19 (9/10) per gallon! Below is their current reward brackets:

1750 points = 10 cents off per gallon
3500 points = 20 cents off per gallon
5250 points = 30 cents off per gallon

Now for the deal...

Currently, Sheetz is running a promotion for their card members to register online at once providing your email and verifying it, they will add 8750 points instantly, which somehow gives a discount of 50 cents per gallon.

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